PERFORMANCE SUNSCREEN! Definition from the creators of the category

What is a Performance Sunscreen? Who decided what constitutes as performance for a sunscreen? Jeff and Josie Kletter launched a sport body care in line of products at 1994 at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC. The...

Embracing Sun Protection: The Journey of BU Sunscreen and the SPF Evangelist

SPF Evangelist at it again! We can protect so many people and minimize our impact on the planet.

Reef Safe, Reef Friendly, what is “Reef-Safe” sunscreen?

Reef Safe or Reef Friendly? Is there really such a thing?

Do I Really Need To Wear SPF Indoors?

Why should you use sunscreen indoors? If you are like me, you never would have guessed there are real risks to your skin from UV exposure indoors from everyday light sources we use daily. The...

COVID-19 Pandemic and Sun Protection? Sunscreen?

Protect yourself during Covid-19

Study Shows Young Athletes Ignore Skin Cancer Risk

"I read this article 14 years ago and it still holds true today, which is quite disappointing. Two cancers we can control, Lung & Skin, stop smoking and use sunscreen!" Jeff Kletter Published September 2005...

Sunscreen chemicals can soak into your bloodstream?

Because I’ve been making sunscreen for over 25 years and I’m passionate about the efficacy and safety of our products, everyone emails me when any sunscreen information hits the news. Sunscreen in your blood, YES,...

Sunscreen: An Important Tool for Construction Workers

If you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods or frequently work outside, it is imperative to use sunscreen and any other UV protective gear.

Does UV clothing work?

How effective is UV clothing? It has long been known that the sun’s rays can cause sunburn and skin irritation, but only recently have researchers agreed that direct sunlight can actually be lethal. With such...