Producing Environmental Friendly Products

Producing Environmental Friendly Products

Being yourself is the key to a healthier happier life. This was the life Josie and Jeff Kletter wanted for everyone around them.

In 1994, before "green washing" became the norm, they launched their first line of skin care products. With the environment in mind, before anything went in a bottle they confirmed the ingredients were safe and effective and made sure they were using recyclable bottles, recyclable sprayers, post consumable cardboard and produced products using sustainable wind energy by the purchase of carbon offsets.

The road to formation:

Launched in 2018, BU Brands Inc. is a company that took the Kletter's vision and gave it a direction. Today, the brand offers a range of the most innovative yet simple products starting with a sunscreen spray utilizing non-pressurized recyclable HDPE bottles, PP sprayers and produced in a Solar Powered facility for their Suncare products.  

The environment has always been part of their guiding principles - Safety, Health, Education, Support (SHES).

BU Skincare

The key philosophy of BU is to let you be you. The plan to make products that you can wear and feel safe, while enjoying life with a smile on your face as you know you are using products that are environmentally aware. The sun protection products are designed to be the most convenient to wear and produced with the support and assistance of the topmost Dermatologists over the last 25+ years.

Serving a purpose

Making sun protection products people love to wear! One of the key motives for the formation of this company was to mitigate skin cancer. Since the duo had experience working with athletes, they understood that there aren't many harmful diseases these athletes are prone to, except for one, which was higher in athletes, skin cancer. Since most sports require these men and women to remain out under the sun for longer periods of time, they develop a higher chance of attracting extremely hazardous diseases like skin cancer. 

The sunscreens athletes complained about using were all too sticky, greasy, hard to apply and did not offer the level of protection they needed, which is why BU came up with a unique, more effective formula which resolved all the troubling issues of using a traditional sun protection product. The result was simple, a lot of sportsmen and sportswomen began using the new BU Sun protection.

BU Brands Inc continues to address the needs of the active population and have been able to do wonders with their unprecedented experience and expertise. 

Caring about people and the planet will always be a priority.