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Meet the Creators of Bu

It's an age old story, boy meets girl. After spending 10 years in the liquor industry (importing beers, wines and spirits) and promoting the products nightly in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, Jeff's Doctor directs him to change is life, now! So he hires a Personal Trainer to get him back in shape, and it gets very personal with 3 kids later.

To much work, not enough exercise had Jeff complaining about muscle pain, and he couldn't work out, but asked if Josie would go for dinner with him? She laughed and said no, then insisted he come to the gym. Josie brought in topical muscle relief products, one stung his eyes, one stained his clothes, the other were on his hands and going to the restroom would be something he'd never forget. Josie joked they should make a product specifically for him and that was the incentive to start a business. It started with a topical analgesic, for muscle pain with the goal to make products that are easy to apply and work. Then a renowned Sports Medicine doctor and past Olympic and Commonwealth athlete said "Athletes have a lower incidence of most disease, expect one- skin cancer! Make a sunscreen athletes would use."

Josie, with 30+ years in the skin care business, starting at the Estee Lauder and Jeff, in consumer packaged goods, decided to build a line of "sport" skin care products in 1994, which sold internationally. After selling the business in 2014, they focused on their family- spending even more time outdoors.


BÜ (be you) was created for the Active Family who love being outside and love the Planet.

Having witnessed the lose of some incredible people due to skin cancer over the last 30 years and knowing how to make products that work and that people love to wear, they went back to the drawing board. Believing they could save lives/or at the least protect from uncomfortable sunburns.

Also experiencing first hand the 2018 Woolsey fire in Malibu and the global environmental disasters we continually face, BU wanted to minimize the impact on the planet by using recyclable materials and produced using Solar Power. BU will strive to do better still.