Jeff was having the time of his life in a world of clinking glasses and intoxicating nights filled with the finest beers, wines, and spirits. For ten years, he reveled in his career painting the town red every night. Life was a party, but, as with most parties, there comes a time when the music stops and reality sinks in. Jeff's doctor handed down a dire warning during a routine check-up: change your ways, or face the consequences.

Enter Josie, a personal trainer with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. When Jeff started his new training routine, the delayed onset muscle soreness had Jeff calling Josie, "he couldn't work out, but would she go out for dinner with him." Her immediate response was NO, and that he should come to the gym for his regular workout and she'd bring some muscle balm/analgesics.

He tried several of them with disastrous consequences: stinging eyes, stained clothes, and having them on his hands created a particularly memorable restroom incident. Josie couldn't help but laugh and suggest a product tailor-made for Jeff.

Jeff didn't find it that funny and found a cosmetic chemist who could make them a topical analgesic that wouldn't get on his hands and worked! One of Josie's professor, a renowned sports medicine doctor, who liked their product and urged them to tackle another problem: athletes' aversion to sunscreen. As he said, "Athletes have a lower incidence of most diseases, except one: skin cancer, as they train and compete outdoors.

Josie and Jeff hit the ground running and talked to numerous athletes in various sports. They quickly discovered the reasons athletes didn't like using sunscreens: they are usually greasy, goopy, slow-drying, sticky, eye-burning, and more. The couple knew they had to create a game-changing sunscreen that overcame these issues.

In 1994, Josie and Jeff unveiled their first performance sunscreen brand, Kinesys, just in time for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC. Their original brand revolutionized sun protection for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

In 2014, years after the passing of their mentor and one of the founders of Powerbar, Brian Maxwell, the couple sold their original sunscreen brand and shifted their focus to their family.

Over the years, they witnessed the devastating impact of skin cancer on their friends and community, and their passion for sun protection was rekindled.

Drawing inspiration from Malibu, known as the 'bu', Jeff and Josie embarked on their second venture—bu. The name paid homage to Malibu's vibrant spirit and the people attitude to, be you! BÜ (the dots over the U, an umlaut, made it look like a happy face) was born as a brand dedicated to making a difference in people's lives by providing enjoyable, high-quality sun protection that people love to wear.

BU continues its founders' mission, always striving to improve, innovate, and empower its customers to embrace their unique selves. Jeff and Josie remain committed to the idea that everyone can enjoy the outdoors, be safe, and "ALWAYS BE YOU!" without the worry of sunburns or worse. Their love, laughter, and sunscreen legacy live on in every bottle, with the spirit of Malibu's laid-back vibe and the lessons learned along the way guiding BU's success.