Sunscreen Evangelist or SPF Evangelist, is at it again!

covering eyes spraying on bu sunscreen

Dubbed in 2003 by Michael Hodgson and Marcus Woolf at the Outdoor Retailer, see below: now Jeff Kletter, the SPF Evangelist, is at it again.

"Nothing Says Open Air Demo to SNEWS crew..... Like a walk-by spritz of sunscreen from the SPF evangelist himself, Jeff Kletter. By 9:30 a.m., Kletter made the rounds of every exhibitor to ensure all were safely protected from the sun's energy. Retailers and others were already lining up, or being accosted as they passed by, for a quick Spritz and Go. Kletter and his team work as quickly as race-car mechanics- up one arm, down another around the legs and finish with the face, carefully protecting the eyes with a deftly placed hand. Other sunscreen companies trying to hawk their wares could learn a thing or two from Kletter's energy and passion."

BÜ take the passion for sun protection to another level. With a desire to make a difference in peoples outdoor lives, by making products that people love to wear.

"We take pride in creating sun protection products that are safe, effective and that people love to wear." said Jeff.  "After selling our first brand in 2014, Kinesys, we didn't know what we wanted to do? We had moved to Malibu in 2011, raising three young children, who needed sun protection daily. We kept thinking about the industry and the incredible potential to continue to help so many enjoy the outdoors without the fear of sunburns or worse."

It was the place, the name, the feeling,"the bu" (which is what the locals and many who visit call Malibu) that provided the inspiration. "There is an energy about this place that just lets you be you! You breathe, just a little slower, even on the PCH. Malibu has such an eclectic mix of people, from celebrities to (unfortunately) homeless, but the common thread is, they are who they are! Be You!"

"When our 8 year old daughter looked at the logo and got it! the double entendre- B U or Be You (from the bu), we knew this new logo would reflect our beliefs to, Be smart, Be happy, Be You! and the umlaut over the Ü looked like a happy face and makes me smile."

Bu Sunscreen: Better for you and better for the planet

Most people first notice how light the products feels on their skin. That’s because the sprays use no alcohol and are not pressurized (coming out cold). The formula allows your skin to breathe, takes minutes to dry, leaving a moisturized, smooth feeling, keeping you protected. BÜ makes it easy to be sun smart.

The bü spray sunscreens are also:

  • Oil, Alcohol, PABA, Preservative, Paraban and Oxybenzone Free
  • Enriched with Vitamin E–an antioxidant combats sun damage;
  • Vegan and cruelty-free – i.e., not tested on animals; PETA certified
  • Free of synthetic fragrances and added colors;
  • Free of nuts, nut oils, gluten, dairy, soy, and egg; and
  • Made with carbon-neutral manufacturing and sustainable practices

As more information on sun, sun protection, ingredients, and environment continue to shed light, we look to advance BÜ skin care products make it the best it can possibly be for you and the planet. Use BÜ to enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle doing all of the activities you love outdoors.