What do George Hamilton, Zonker Harris and the Sunscreen Evangelist have in common?

In Search of the Perfect Tan! George Hamilton, Zonker Harris and me?

The Causes of Wrinkling Due to Sun Exposure

Anti-aging, sunscreen is your best tool to fight against wrinkles and signs of aging!

Sun Protection for Children

Sun Protection for children is important because skin cancer in children is becoming more common in our society and sunscreen at an early age will help them as they grow older.  

Too Much Sun Exposure Can Lead to Heart Attack and Stroke

The excess UV rays from the Sun, that could potentially cause skin cancer, is not the only danger you could be facing. Believe it or not, a recent study has found that too much vitamin...

SPORT sunscreen, is there a difference?

Running, hiking, biking, volleyball, or any other sport that you do outside puts you at risk of burning and pre-mature aging, not to mention the high risk of skin cancer.

Why you Need Sun Protection on your Ski Trip

The atmosphere is a lot thinner at higher altitudes and the reflection from the snow adds to the need to protect yourself with SPF. You definitely need Sun protection while you are skiing or even...

Rambling, from the Sunscreen Evangelist

The problem is the message is still unclear: SPF 15, 30, 45, 60, 85, 100+++, if it’s bigger it must be better?

What you Need to know About Using the Right Type of Sunscreen

It is important to protect, protect, protect with good sunscreen to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy!


We all want what's best for ourselves and the planet, hence we are so "open" to believing all the Greenwashing "noise" claims. A real natural ingredient is one which comes directly from the source, with...