Reef Friendly Class Action Suits, REEF SAFE????? Really?

no such thing as reef safe sunscreen

Reef Safe, Reef Friendly, Reef BS#$%!!!!

Bondi Sands, Banana Boat, Alba Botanica, Kroger, Target Up and Up, Fruit of the Earth, Strivectin, Hawaiian Tropic, Sun Bum, Supergoop have all marketed and some even put on their packaging "Reef Safe or Reef Friendly" over the last few years. Most are removing these words and changing the statement on their site to "Compliant with Hawaii Act 104".

The reason for the change? Companies are now involved in a class action lawsuit for "green-washing" or UN-substantiated claims of "reef safe-friendly".

A research paper by Environmental Sciences Europe: Toxic effects of UV filters from sunscreens on coral reefs revisited: regulatory aspects for “reef safe” products: by Ingo B. Miller1* , Sascha Pawlowski2, Matthias Y. Kellermann1, Mechtild Petersen‑Thiery3, Mareen Moeller1,Samuel Nietzer1 and Peter J. Schupp

The conclusion: "the substantial unequal treatment of organic and inorganic UV filters in political decision-making, as well as in the ‘reef safe’ sunscreen market is not scientifically justified, leading to regulatory shortcomings in the decisions that have been taken by various states and thus requires adequate revisions. For future regulatory measures, we recommend and highly encourage a risk-based approach for each individual UV filter with equal consideration of both, organic and inorganic UV filters."

With BU, we have always focused on SAFE & EFFECTIVE, with real information to help you make the choice for you.

Human beings, all of us who's experienced this amazing underwater spectacle should know, nothing is truly "safe" for the delicate reefs, including us, human beings.

If you REALLY care about the reefs, stay out of them and realize we're just one of the problems; obscene amount of pollution in our oceans (which includes oil spills and coastal development), over-fishing, and increased water temperatures (global warming), are the real culprits.

If you want to enjoy this underwater world be careful when you are in the reefs. Don't touch it, break it, and be aware, our skin is home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that compose the skin microbiota. What about your underarm deodorant, hair care products or skin care products are they "reef safe-friendly". One option is to wear UV apparel and if the reef you are going to have a sunscreen they will allow, use it, but be aware, it's not reef safe, reef friendly, coral safe or coral-free friendly.

Do what you think is right for you, consider the planet, and Always Be You! :)