The Most Common Culprits of Skin Damage You Aren’t Paying Attention To

The Most Common Culprits of Skin Damage You Aren’t Paying Attention To

Most people do not bother to care about their skin as they do about other vital organs. It is important to understand that your skin is equally important as your heart health. Every person should be proactive about taking good care of their skin. Come to think of it, having bad skin can affect you in different ways. It can be physically irritating or painful, damage your self-esteem and simply, you may be prone to develop other medical complications due to your skin going bad. Not heeding and mending damage can backfire in a number of ways.

But most importantly, it is a better choice to stay one step ahead and take advance measures to prevent your skin from damage. Throughout our lives, we are pushed into situations which can be unwholesome for our bodies. The bad exposure to your skin can be all around you and quite frantically, you may be not aware of the problem.

Here are some of the ways you may be causing damage to your skin without having an idea of:

  • Unpaired electrons of “free radicals” scattered on your skin

Oxidative stress constantly happens in your body. What happens is that oxygen splits into single atoms with single or unpaired electrons. Generally, electrons tend to be in pairs, so the unpaired electrons are constantly in the hunt for other electrons so that they can form a pair. This process can lead to cell, protein, and DNA damage. These free radicals can actually contribute to skin cancer. In this case, it is advised to eat healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits which are high in antioxidants.

  • Sun exposure

Sun is the biggest culprit of all. It can attack melanocytes on your skin leading to changes in skin pigmentation. Sun exposure causes aging, wrinkles, patches and spots and/or in some cases, skin cancer. It is mandatory to wear sunscreen and sun protective clothing. BU Sunscreen sprays are available in non-pressured and recyclable spray bottles and the entire product range is manufactured using solar energy. BU also has a UV clothing line for men, women, and children. BU apparel is manufactured using a dedicated fabric called breez™, a soft light-weight material, with 99% UV protection in and out of the water. So, it is a pretty good way to protect your skin in an extra effort.

  • Smoking

Smoking causes blood vessels to constrict, causing you to age fast because of the wrinkles. Smoking restricts oxygen supply and the count of nutrients on your skin.

  • Irritating substances

There may be a great number of harmful substances which be part of the ingredients in your daily care products. Day/night creams, shower gels, body wash, soap, perfumes, etc. can contain such substances that can cause irritation on your skin. In the longer run, they can be pretty harmful to your skin, so it is better to seek their alternatives.

Take care of the largest organ, your skin!