Sunscreen chemicals can soak into your bloodstream?

Because I’ve been making sunscreen for over 25 years and I’m passionate about the efficacy and safety of our products, everyone emails me when any sunscreen information hits the news.

Sunscreen in your blood, YES, this is not new news! This is exactly what the EWG has been informing the public about for years, specifically on Oxybenzone. The reality is that our biggest organ, the skin, absorbs a great deal of what we put on it (this is why we have topically administered drugs). The real question is, how does it affect us? The sunscreen ingredients do get expelled from our system via urine or bowel movements.

The real question is “do these ingredients in your blood harm/hurt/help you?”. If you are worried, be sun smart, stay out in the peak hours, maybe wear UV apparel and remember everything in moderation (sun and sunscreen).

More information/testing is required and we are working with some scientist now and hope to have more information to provide in time.

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