Sunscreen: An Important Tool for Construction Workers

Sunscreen: An Important Tool for Construction Workers

If you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods or frequently work outside, it is imperative to use sunscreen and any other UV protective gear.

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Skin that is overexposed to the sun can lead to other serious long term health issues. It is ideal for employers to provide sunscreen for their employees if they are constantly outside, like construction workers are. If they don’t, it is imperative to bring your own to protect yourself on the job. 
A high volume of these cases tend to occur at construction sites, in the contact a construction accident lawyer Milwaukee WI turns to for legal advice and guidance pertaining to skin exposure. Below are three reasons that sunscreen can be a construction worker’s most important tool on the job.

  1. Sunburns are painful and can lead to other discomforts.

Sunburns can be painful for a few days after they first appear, but in some cases they can cause nerve damage resulting in temporary numbness or other types of discomfort, like itching. This is dangerous because someone may not be able to properly hold tools or stand for too long which can lead to falling objects and other injured co workers.

A worker may be affected by nerve damage in an interesting way. They may experience excessive blood loss because of the nerve damage and they may not realize immediately. An employer may be considered liable if you have sustained these secondary injuries as a result of a sunburn caused at work, which means they will have to pay medical bills for the injured employee.  

  1. One can develop skin cancer due to overexposure to the sun.

Sunburns happen when your skin is unable to properly guard itself from strong ultra violet (UV) rays. Even a single burn can heighten your risk for skin cancer regardless of the severity. If you are working outside most of the day without sunscreen or other UV protection, your skin is probably suffering from routine burns for the duration of your career. Your employer may be liable for damages if you are being routinely sunburned on the job and develop cancer from that exposure.

  1. You become dehydrated when you get sunburned.

You may notice that your skin feels more dry and tighter than usual. This happens when the body loses too much moisture or when you are too exposed to the sun. The body tries to regulate your temperature by sweating to battle the effects of the hot weather. However, if your body doesn’t contain enough moisture, then you won’t be able to sweat enough to cool yourself now.

If a worker stops sweating, that may be an indication that they are having symptoms of a heat stroke. Anyone showing those signs should be taken to a shady area immediately and given plenty of water. If the stress is severe you may need to go directly to the hospital.

If any of these injuries happen on the job, you may be able to file for worker’s compensation benefits so you can recover with time off of work and compensation for your injuries. Contact a worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your particular situation and decide if your employer can be considered liable for these injuries.


Thank you to the attorneys at Hickey & Turim SC for providing insight on the importance of sunscreen in the workplace.