WHY BÜ, Be you? BU? boo? MALIBU (the bu):


Josie and I always enjoyed driving down the coast and drove from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA, then all the way to Cabo San Lucas, Mx in the past.

In 2011 our family was driving back from San Diego to San Francisco, traffic was painfully slow, welcome to LA, and I was loosing my patience. We decided to get off the main highway (I5) to drive on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). Of course, we weren't the only ones thinking road trip, so the PCH was crazy busy and we decided to get off the road all together. We drove down a street, parked at the end, and the kids ran down to the beach. They were laughing, yelping and pointing, at three dolphins jumping RIGHT in front of us. We watched the dolphins play in the ocean and decided to stay one more night and explore before driving back to Northern California.

We were in Malibu: a small coastal city where you can surf, hike, bike, or walk for miles on the beaches. It is known as a celebrity hang out, but it's really quite rural, organic and mindful. This would be a great place to raise a family and a great testing ground – where we research, fit, design and learn. Malibu offers the perfect challenge: create sun protection that's safe, effective, easy to use and feels great on your skin and UV clothing that can go from seaside to sidewalk, from beach to boardroom and from museum to mountaintop – because that is "the bu".

Why the Umlaut? (two dots over the ü) ? We just thought it looked HAPPY! FUN! 

BÜ was developed and conceptualized in Malibu, because no other place embodies "being you" as much as Malibu. There are so many creative, interesting people, who all believe it's best to "be you"! And they live this statement in every way. Just be you!