Sunscreen for people who run

Bu Performance sunscreen for runners.

You train hard, enjoy the outdoors and expect the most from your workouts. Bu sunscreen provides Broad Spectrum High Level UV Protection and leaves your skin feeling naturally like you!

Sunscreen for Runners

Ultra-Marathon Man- Dean Karnazes

This sunscreen is excellent, I mean really great. I have experimented with different sunscreens for use in hot weather. Most clog your pores and cause you to sweat excessively, interfering with your body's natural cooling mechanisms. BU does not!

The planet means a great deal to us at Bu. Believing in the Three R’s — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, always trying to do better BU guiding principals:

Safety, Health, Education, Support (SHES)
• Bottles HDPE (1) 100% recyclable
• Non-aerosol finger-powered sprayers 100% recyclable
• Cruelty-free and Vegan- Not tested on animals
• Using sustainable Solar Power, (the power of the sun) to protect you from the Sun -making bü virtually carbon neutral

Cat Bradley

I hate sunscreen. It's sticky, and goopy and feels heavy on my skin. Plus it is inconvenient to put on and carry around in my little running pack! I often opt to leave it at home on my long days, knowing that my skin will pay for it. Not smart! Bu Sunscreen is my solution to that. The tiny bottle is easy enough to carry, and the light spray is protective, without leaving my skin feeling like I have a coat of cheap makeup on. I am making better skincare choices because Bu is easy enough, where even I have no excuse not to use it."

Always Be You!

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