Sunscreen: Protect Your Epidermis

Many people underestimate the power of a quality sunscreen and UV apparel for protecting your epidermis (also known as skin) from harmful rays of the sun. Bu Brands creates high quality sunscreen and UV apparel that helps protect all skin types from damage.

We believe shielding your body from frequent exposure of sun rays is beneficial for all around wellbeing. 

There are an unlimited number of benefits when it comes to using BU products as a daily practice. Some of the major pros of using sunscreen and UV apparel as a regular routine are listed as follows:

– Protects Premature Aging: Sunscreen and the best UV apparel can protect your skin from forming wrinkles and fine lines due to exposure to the sun.

– Lowers Skin Cancer Risk: Wearing top UV apparel and/or sunscreen daily can prevent you from developing many types of skin cancer.

– Shields from UV Rays: The sun does offer us beneficial vitamin D, however the rays can put you at a severe health risk if exposed without protection overtime.

– Reduces Skin Imperfections: Sunscreen and UV apparel may prevent blotchiness, dry spots and/or the start of acne.

– Protects Sunburns: Sunburns damage and weaken your skin, which makes it more susceptible to itching, peeling and even bruising.

– Limits Tanning: Many desire a tan glow for the summer months; however sunbathing can increase exposure to ultraviolet B rays (which are very harmful to the skin).

– Enhances Overall Skin Health: Sunscreen protects your skin proteins from being damaged by the sun (collagen, keratin and elastin).

– A Cosmetic Option: Many sunscreens offered on the market today also have a tint or have facial cream added, which can make your skin look bright and glowing.

– Many Are Water resistant (none are waterproof): If you are wearing sunscreen, chances are you may also be enjoying time in the water. Many companies offer water resistant options (40mins or 80 mins).

– Protects Even Under Layers: Even if you are wearing full coverage clothing, rays can seep through your fabric. By using sunscreen, you can protect your skin from those pesky UV rays.

Everyone can benefit from the effects of using sunscreen. Choosing a product that works well for your lifestyle is key to ultimate protection. And don’t forget the benefit of UV apparel. There are many benefits of spending time in the sun, however it is important you take safety into consideration when it comes to shielding your skin.

Here at bu, we take pride in offering a product that can help prevent our customers from signs of aging, various kinds of cancer and skin acne/imperfections. Whether you are a runner, or simply enjoy being outdoors, our product can act as a sun shield as you engage in hobbies or activities. 

love the sun