Once upon a time, in a world of clinking glasses and intoxicating nights, Jeff lived a life filled with the finest beers, wines, and spirits. For ten long years, he reveled in his career, indulging in delicious libations and painting the town red every night. Life was a party, and he was the life of that party. But, as with most parties, there comes a time when the music stops and reality sinks in.

During a routine check-up, Jeff's doctor handed down a dire warning: change your ways, or face the consequences. The party was over, and it was time to sober up. Enter Josie, a charismatic personal trainer with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. Despite Jeff's initial resistance, Josie quickly whipped him back into shape, and love blossomed in the gym. Soon enough, the dynamic duo was not only lifting weights but also exchanging vows and welcoming three beautiful children into the world.

As Jeff got back on track, the aches and pains of exercise became a daily struggle. Desperate for relief, he tried every topical muscle product he could find, but each one had its own disastrous consequence: stinging eyes, stained clothes, and a particularly memorable restroom incident. Josie couldn't help but laugh and suggest a product tailor-made for Jeff's unique challenges.

Inspired by their gym misadventures, the couple set out to create a topical analgesic that wouldn't wreak havoc on their lives. Their mission caught the attention of Josie's professor, a renowned sports medicine doctor, who urged them to tackle another problem: athlete's aversion to sunscreen.

Determined to find out why athletes shunned sunscreen, Josie and Jeff hit the ground running. They quickly discovered a litany of sunscreen sins: greasy, goopy, slow-drying, eye-burning, and more. Armed with this knowledge, the couple knew they had to create a game-changing sunscreen.

In 1994, Josie and Jeff unveiled their first performance sunscreen brand, just in time for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC. Revolutionizing sun protection for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, their products became a beloved staple, and the couple basked in the glow of their success. They even joked that they had gone from "boozy nights" to "sun-safe days" as their legacy grew.

But life has a way of changing course. In 2014, the couple sold their original sunscreen brand and shifted their focus to their family. As the years passed, they witnessed the devastating impact of skin cancer on their friends and community, and their passion for sun protection was rekindled.

Drawing inspiration from the sun-kissed shores of Malibu, known as the 'bu, Jeff and Josie embarked on their second venture—bü. The name paid homage to both Malibu's vibrant spirit and their belief in being true to oneself. Bü was born as a brand dedicated to making a difference in people's lives by providing enjoyable, high-quality sun protection. Jeff and Josie vowed to help others enjoy the outdoors without the looming threat of sunburns and skin cancer.

And so, bü continues its mission, always striving to improve, innovate, and empower its customers to embrace their unique selves. Jeff and Josie remain committed to the idea that everyone can enjoy the outdoors and "ALWAYS BE YOU!" Their love, laughter, and sunscreen legacy live on in every bottle, with the spirit of Malibu's sun-kissed magic and the lessons learned along the way guiding the path of bü's success.