BU Brands was founded by Jeff and Josie Kletter who have been on a mission to create environmentally aware sun protection products that people love to wear.

Jeff and Josie met each other 30 years ago and fell in love, embarking on their journey together as husband and wife. They realized that their ability to understand each other allowed them work together really well. Their passion to help people enjoy the outdoor active lifestyle without being worried about sunburns or skin cancer inspired their commitment to change the way people apply and experience sun care.

These two weren’t amateurs at all. Josie Kletter had over 35 years of experience in the skincare business starting at Estee Lauder and Jeff had over 29 years in the sunscreen business.

Jeff and Josie Kletter co-founded and launched a line of sun and skin care products for athletes under the brand name KINeSYS in 1994. The venture successfully sold internationally. In 2014, years after the passing of one of their mentors, Brian Maxwell of Powerbar, they sold the business and decided to spend time with their 3 children, their dog, and their cat in Malibu.

After some time off and receiving emails, texts and phone calls, from past customers, they realized that market demand was growing for new sun protection products that reflected their philosophy of being the best you, you can be. Their principles: Safety, Health, Education and Support (SHES) guided their creations.

They also wanted it to be fun and easy to use so that people would use it every day! They started BU Brands with the motto: "be you!" 

Caring for your skin and the environment, they found a GMP-compliant manufacturer, that uses Solar Power for their production, they reduced packaging material and ingredients, and they made sure all bottles and sprayers were 100% recyclable, making BU virtually carbon neutral. On top of that, they believe they produce the MOST sustainable sunscreens on the planet, as the ingredients are bio-degradable and degradable, over time reverting to their source, sand.

BU products are gluten free, that are Vegan and cruelty-free. They don't contain any animal derivatives, and they're PETA certified. 

BU's sunscreen bottles are approved by TSA for carry-on, so you can bring them along with you no matter where you go. The bottle size is 3.3oz (98ml), and it will give you about 500 sprays per bottle! The pocket size 1oz (30ml) provide approx. 170 sprays per bottle.

Enjoy the sun and Always Be You!