Why Ultra Violet (UV) Clothing should be part of your lifestyle!

Why Ultra Violet (UV) Clothing should be part of your lifestyle!

People around the world use sunscreens in order to protect their skin from being damaged due to exposure in the sun. This should be a routine practice for every individual; however, it is astonishingly simple but sadly infrequent among people in different parts of the world. People prefer getting a tan and every summer, as they flock towards beaches in every corner of the earth. In the midst of all, it is important to take the necessary measures in order to prevent skin damage.

Apart from all the rest of your body organs, your skin, the largest organ, is a really sensitive one and an area that needs your attention. Skin damage can lead to countless different problems which you may not see coming. As climate change looms over as a big threat to human existence, the ultra-violet rays in the sun have gotten stronger and are causing a great effect. This calls us to take measures more than what we normally do.

Applying sunscreen should be a daily routine and if you are in the sunbelt, to do more than just that and this is where ultra-violet protective clothing can help. UV clothing is specially designed to protect your skin from ways where a mere sunblock would fail to comply. UV clothing is becoming popular among people in the United States, especially because of the California, Arizona and Texas afternoon sun.

BU (be you) products are the one-stop for their suncare regime, so you can enjoy the outdoors without getting sun damage. BU's range of sunscreen has been phenomenally effective and easy to apply and now more and more people are trying their UV clothing range. UV apparel by BU can be suited for women, children, and men. The clothing range utilizes a fabric material called breez™ which is effective and very very lightweight. The fabric is above UPF 50 plus and is CTT verified – Center of Technology for Textile. The texture is smooth and silky. You can wear it almost anytime, whether casually or playing sports or going for a sprint.

BU UV apparel feels great on your skin and can work wonders for you in ways you did not imagine before in case you forget to "reapply" skin care products. It is highly recommended for individuals who do not wish for the sun to be a problem for them. In fact, all through your fitness goals, you may require to take afternoon strolls or enjoy some time in the sun. This is where UV protective clothing would help.

The company is run by Jeff and Josie Kletter, the husband and wife. Josie has experience working in the skin care industry for the last 30 years.