Which Sun Screen Is the Best for Your Skin Type

Which Sun Screen Is the Best for Your Skin Type

Have you ever gone to the beach and used a random sunscreen to find out you look like a ghost? or your skin breaks out or is blotchy? or worse, develop a nasty rash?

There's a science behind why the sunscreen does not blend with your skin type. Generally speaking, you are born with your skin type but it may change due to external influences such as the weather and the use of wrong products. Furthermore, your skin type natural tendencies are directly influenced by your skin type. This is exactly why it is imperative that everyone chooses a skin care product according to their skin type.

There are five broad categories of skin type these include dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, sensitive (acne-prone) skin and combination skin. Each type has its own characteristics and natural tendencies which can be accentuated. However, if you use the wrong products on your skin the results can be quite dramatic. Your skin will start to develop conditions such as rashes, blemishes and other skin related conditions. Especially when you use products which are designed to save your skin from harmful UV rays.

Furthermore, it is also important to choose a reputable brand such as BU Brands, as the founders have been making high quality sunscreens for close to 30 years.

The BU founders were inspired to help people enjoy the outdoors without worrying about skin disorders. If you are not sure about which skin type you fall in, BU sunscreens are perfect for all skin types and tones. Here's a guide on each skin type:

Dry Skin

This skin type is unaffected by the weather as most people have dry skin throughout the year. There are certain glands present in this type; these glands do not produce enough oil to keep the skin or epidermis hydrated. This could be influenced by many different factors such as harsh soap, the wrong sunscreen and constant exposure to the sun.

Oily Skin

Generally speaking, there is quite a distinct line between oily skin and glowing skin. If you have oily skin even during the winters, then there's a chance you have oily skin. This skin type can be induced through a variety of different external stimuli such as dehydration and even genetics plays a role. The glands present in oily skin produce excess oil which covers the epidermis. Excess oil can lead to blackheads and pores if it is not taken care of.

Normal Skin

This is arguably the best skin type there is. These people have glowing skin which other people would have to pay for. People blessed with normal skin have are hydrated and show no signs of excess oil. Normal skin type goes well with every type of product.

Combination Skin

If you still can't figure out which skin type you fall in, then there's a very high chance you have combination skin. This is when your face has different skin types in various areas. Furthermore, this skin type will continue to show signs of both oily and dry skin. This also means your skin is sensitive in a different area which makes it more susceptible to external influences.

Sensitive (acne-prone) Skin

If you have ever used a random skincare product and suffered from an extremely adverse reaction, there's a high chance you have sensitive skin. Products are actually designed specifically for sensitive skin as this skin type is more vulnerable to react.

After you identify your skin type, just choose the product which has been engineered for your particular skin type.