The Yearning for Travel in a Post-COVID World

The Yearning for Travel in a Post-COVID World

The Yearning for Travel in a Post-COVID World

As the world began to heal from the gripping clutches of COVID-19, a collective yearning surged in the hearts of many. If you're like me, that yearning was for travel. Oh, to be airborne, to touch new soils, and to breathe in foreign landscapes! It's no surprise that the travel industry is experiencing a tremendous boom. I wasn't alone in my dreams of wandering.

The Forgotten Essential: Sun Protection

While packing and planning, one essential often slips the mind - sun protection. For spontaneous travelers who want to grab their bags and jet off, the need for a hassle-free solution becomes vital.

Navigating TSA Restrictions with BU Sunscreen

TSA restrictions dictate the exact amount of liquid we can carry. A 3.4oz (100ml) limit, but oh, the debates I've had with agents over it! Sometimes, they keep 3.4oz bottles; other times, I'd emerge victorious. But BU sunscreen eases that travel anxiety. With options of 3.3oz (approximately 500 sprays) and a handy 1oz (around 170 sprays), these unpressurized bottles are a traveler's dream. Slide them into your hand luggage and ensure you're shielded from the sun's harsh rays when you disembark. 

Sustainable Sun Protection: Good for You, Good for Earth

What sets BU apart? It's not just a sunscreen. It's an eco-conscious commitment. The Sunscreen is manufactured in a solar power facility, and the bottles are recyclable, heralding a sustainable choice. The ingredients? They gracefully degrade to the basics: silica, water, and CO2—a product birthed from the 30-year expertise of its founders, a dedicated husband and wife duo.

Busting Myths: The Truth about Sun Protection

There's a swirl of misinformation regarding sun protection, especially being 'reef-safe.' With their vast experience, the founders clarify no sunscreen or humans are entirely harmless to reefs. This acknowledgment led BU to innovate, resulting in their UV apparel line. If your heart beats for the reef, BU's UV apparel is a way to do your bit while ensuring protection.

BU: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

BU's range extends beyond just protection. It encapsulates style. From boardrooms to sandy beaches, their sleek designs ensure you're both stylish and shielded. Every traveler's dream!

So, as you chase the sun on sandy shores or snowy slopes, remember BU is the companion you didn't know you needed. Pack it, wear it, flaunt it. Happy traveling!