How to Protect Your Skin from Constant Exposure to the Sun

How to Protect Your Skin from Constant Exposure to the Sun

Global warming is on the rise, it is very important that we take every step necessary to protect our skin from harmful UV damage. The ozone layer around the world has been slowly depleting for years and this is very dangerous as this natural layer of gas is protecting us from the sun and it's harmful UV rays. 

Thanks to decades of work to get rid of ozone-damaging chemicals, a panel of international experts backed by the United Nations, has released information, that in 2023, they've noticed the Earth's ozone layer is slowly but noticeably healing.

This doesn't mean we're out of the woods, there are many signs which indicate that your skin is constantly being exposed to harmful rays. Some of the most prominent signs include discoloration, pale skin, redness, irritation and high pigmentation. Furthermore, the texture of your skin will start to deteriorate and you will notice a visible decline in your skin quality. To avoid any of these conditions, there are certain tips recommended by all of the top dermatologists in the industry. Read on to find out more.

Use A Skin-Friendly Sun Protector 

You can easily find a sunscreen but does it feel great and is it skin friendly. Consider BU, as this company was founded by a husband and wife, who have been making sun protection for 30 years. Once you find the right product, make sure you apply every time you leave your home in the morning.

Avoid Exposure As Much As Possible

We understand that this might not be possible for some people as their jobs may force them out in the scorching heat or their lifestyles do not allow them much time in the shade, but try to limit your time in direct sunlight.

Eat As Much Fruit as Possible

When it comes to our skin, there are so many fruits out there which can help our skin in many different ways. Consider increasing your intake of apples, bananas, grapefruit and watermelons. All of these fruits are packed with nutrition and minerals to help your skin glow like never before.

So follow these tips if you care about your skin and want to make sure that you remain protected even during the harshest of summers.

Drink Lemon and Garlic Water

"I haven't seen the science on this suggestion but antidotally, I've been told, Lemon water is an effective natural remedies to a plethora of different skin conditions, while garlic can accentuate the skins inner beauty." said Jeff

Consider UV clothing

"I swore I'd never make UV apparel, specifically since I was approached by numerous companies to promote their clothing, as it was all thick, unflattering and more like a rash-guard. It wasn't until a friend in Montreal, shared this amazing "ultra-light weight" fabric, that was supple and soft on the skin (like BU sunscreen) and when we tested it, it blew us away with testing showing 99% UV protection in and out of the water." said Jeff