COVID-19 Pandemic and Sun Protection? Sunscreen?

COVID-19 Pandemic and Sun Protection? Sunscreen?

We are living in "interesting" times and I'm sure every generation says this, but WOW!

As the sun is shining and the temperatures rise, there is a need to recharge, re-energize and enjoy life outdoors again. With Covid-19 people have being sheltered indoors, and when the sun comes out, they rush outside but may forget their sunscreen, or don't want to apply it, as it takes too long or is too thick to spread. The potential for an uncomfortable sunburn or worse skin cancer becomes a possibility. 

What are people looking for when it comes to sun protection? 

Never underestimate the power of a quality sunscreen and/or UV apparel for protecting you from UV rays. What people should look for is a skin care product that is one that they enjoy using. Other key factors should be; Oil, Alcohol, PABA, Preservative and Paraben Free. Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic (won't block pores), Cruelty free and Vegan.

BU sunscreen is so easy and quick to apply (takes seconds) and feels amazing on your skin, as it's not cold, sticky or thick and most importantly, it's highly effective. BU UV apparel, is also an option, as it is extremely light in weight and protects from 99% UV radiation.

What are the benefits of using sunscreen and UV apparel on a regular basis?

1. Sunburns are skin damage and this makes you susceptible to itching, peeling and even bruising for some people, sun protection can limit these issues.

2. We know we are all going to get older but we don't need to look older, regular use of sun protection helps protect you from Premature Aging:  less wrinkles and fine lines due to exposure to the sun.

3. Sun Protection lowers Skin Cancer Risk: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma (the most deadly).

4. Regular use helps to reduce Skin Imperfections: blotchiness, dry spots and/or the start of acne.

5. Sunscreen can enhance Overall Skin Health: protecting your skin proteins from being damaged by the sun (collagen, keratin and elastin).

6. If you are wearing sunscreen, chances are you may also be enjoying time in the water. BU offers water resistant (80 mins), so you can enjoy the water.

BU takes pride in the quality of the sun protection product and the love of the planet. Using recyclable, non-pressurized aerosol spray bottles and sprayers, all produced using Solar Power, showing BU's commitment to becoming completely carbon neutral.

UV rays are good (and bad) so go out, enjoy the sun and keep protected, OH, don't be shy to re-apply! Depending on activity, skin tone, perspiration, rubbing, it's best to re-apply every 2 hours.