Best Sunscreen For Triathlons

Best Sunscreen For Triathlons

It’s officially triathlon season in sunny Southern California, with three major races taking place in the next couple of weeks. As triathletes are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time, what is the best sunscreen for triathlons? There’s no doubt these athletes train hard—swimming 1.5 kilometers, only to bike another 40 and run an additional 10. With all that physical work, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is UV rays. Between water and sweat, it’s hard to find the best sunscreen for triathlons that will provide lasting protection while feeling good on your skin.

After doing a great deal of research to find the best sunscreen for triathlons, I found a new line, bü performance sunscreen, from the founders of a brand that used to be the official sunscreen of Ironman. Using bü sunscreen gives you the best sunscreen for triathlons, as the lightweight formula and white sage scent makes it almost feel (smell?) like you aren’t wearing anything at all. The SPF 50 offers great protection and is water resistant, so it won’t come off while swimming or sweating. Whether you’re running the Turkey Triathlon in November or simply training by running a few miles on the beach, this sunscreen offers great protection for athletes.

What is the best part of finding the best sunscreen for triathlons? You can apply the sunscreen before starting the race with the 3.3oz bottle (approx.. 500 sprays per bottle) of SPF 50 in a natural white sage scent. The water resistant formula will last 80 minutes in the water, more than enough time needed to swim your 1.5 kilometers!

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Then, when you’re out of the water and ready to run and bike, you simply reapply with the 1oz bottle (approx. 170 sprays per bottle) that can be tucked nicely in your backpack or cycling jersey, another reason for being the best sunscreen for triathlons. The small bottle is lightweight and doesn’t take up any space in your bag so you can still have your water and fuel. The spray on formula takes seconds to apply and so easy to reapply, so precious time isn’t wasted like it would be fumbling with a lotion. And, if it wasn’t great enough for triathlons, the best sunscreen for triathlons is oil-free so all those celebratory pictures you’ll be taking with your medal won’t cause your skin to be shiny—perfect for any Instagram post.

For any triathlon athletes, Bü Screen is the best sunscreen for triathlons and is the best way to go.

Now, go out there, be you, and conquer that triathlon!