That would be easy to answer, BUT ONLY IF, all of us were the same. IF we all had the same skin tone, coloring, sensitivities, we could say XX is the best one. BUT, we are all different and everyone has their own microbiome and Skin microbiome, sensitivity issues, skin tone and preferences, so, which is the ABSOLUTE BEST SUNSCREEN for you, may not be the best for me, or her or him.

Personally, I "disliked" applying anything on my skin, but I love spending time outdoors. I have burned without sunscreen, and not burned when using sun protection. For me, with sunscreen it had to be easy to apply, feel GREAT (like nothing) on my skin and leave no sticky residue. It had to be really easy to reapply, as reapplication is key to protecting yourself outdoors, and it has to work to protect from sunburns. I feel our SPF 30 delivers on these requirements.

After making sunscreen for close to 30 years and having attended numerous Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Sporting goods shows, Family trade shows and events, I've been asked and have asked: "What is the absolute best sunscreen for everyone to use?" After years of working with thousands of athletes, doctors, dermatologists and skin sensitive people, the absolute best sunscreen is one that you will USE.

A few key issues are: It has to work when used properly. Which means you apply BEFORE (15-20 mins) sun exposure and you'll remember to reapply, "Don't be Shy to Reapply"!